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Personal Information Protection PolicyInquires

Request Procedure for Information Disclosure
  1. 1. Input method of 'Disclosure Request Form'

    1. Click 'Disclosure Request Form' at the bottom of this page.
    2. Fill in the necessary information like your address, name, phone number (these may be necessary for later inquiry) in the displayed 'Disclosure Request Form' and click 'Confirm.' To cancel the request, click 'Cancel.'
    3. Check the input information displayed on the 'Confirmation Form' and click 'Print' if there is no correction. To make a correction, click 'Return' and re-enter on the input form.
  2. 2. Request documents

    Attach the following to the 'Request Disclosure Form' and send by mail.

    1. 1. At least two kinds of the below. One copy for each.
      Self-identification document (a copy of driver's license, passport, health certificate card, public pension certificate, employment certificate, residence certificate or foreign registration card)
    2. Request by proxy
      For requests submitted by proxy, append the documents indicated in Section 1 along with the following.
      • A) Request by legal representative (both a and b)

        • One copy of any of the following to confirm the legal representative’s identity: driver’s license, passport, health insurance card, public pension document, proof of employment document, certificate of residence, or residence card.
        • One copy of any of the following to confirm the relationship between the applicant and the legal representative: copy of family register or document listing household dependents such as a health insurance card.
      • B) Request by delegated representative (both a and b)

        • One copy of: written authority with registered seal 1 copy
        • One copy of: seal registration certificate of the representative
    3. Request for the correction, addition or deletion of the content
      In addition to the documents noted in Sections 1 and 2, attach a document to prove the requested amendment (a copy of residence certificate in case of address change, for example).
    4. Termination of use, request for deletion or request for the termination of information delivery to a third party
      In addition to the documents noted in Sections 1 and 2, attach document(s) to prove the necessity of the request.

    *Submitted documents will not be returned.

    *In case of deficiency, the Corporation will contact you. If the correction is not made within the applicable period, the request will be cancelled.

  3. 3. Fee and its collection procedure

    In cases where the Disclosure Request Form is for notification of purposes of use or for disclosure, a fee of 400 yen per request shall be applied. Please enclose a postal money order in the amount of the total fee.

    If the amount is insufficient or the money order is not enclosed, the Corporation contact you. If the payment is not sent within the applicable period, the request will be cancelled.

  4. 4. Response method

    Our response will be in writing and sent to the address written in the Disclosure Request Form.

  5. 5. Denial of Request

    There are cases in which requests are denied for legal reasons. In such case, you will be informed with the reason stated, but the fee will not be refunded.

Disclosure Request Form