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Building Technology + Seismic Isolation System

Base Isolated Building Construction Method by Metallic Roller Bearing

We have been accomplishing a lot since completing Japan's first base isolated building in 1986. In striving to further improve performance and expand applications, we have developed the metallic bearing support as a high-performance seismic isolator that could be adapted to skyscrapers and buildings on soft ground, and have employed it for a housing complex (17 stories) in Tokyo.

Base Isolated Display Case / Gal-less

It is often the case that works of art and craft are damaged in great earthquakes even when damage to the building is avoided. Our base isolated display case (Gal-les) that employs the cosine rail system protects valuable cultural assets from the threat of earthquakes.

Highrise Reinforced Concrete Building Construction System / Sky-RC System

43-story super high-rise condominium (Base Isolated Building)
We can realize a highrise housing complex in steel-reinforced concrete up to 60 stories high. The system, where prestressed and lightweight materials are used, is a collection of advanced technologies to ensure high performance and economy. They are the analysis technology that recreates the movement of buildings in earthquakes, and the enforcement technology that is sound and swift.

Outer Shell Precast Construction Method / Eco Column Unit Construction

This is a construction method to build the frame of a building using a square type thin hollow PCa column with internal tie-hoops, which also serves as formwork for concrete and a U-shape shell PCa beam with internal lateral tie-hoop. By adopting a pre-assembly construction method, it is possible to shorten the construction schedule. And because it reduces the use of wooden formworks, it contributes to cutting down on industrial waste.
3rd Infrastructure Technology Development Award

Acoustic Simulation system

This system forecasts the reverberation time of the sound spaces such as the concert halls and conference rooms, the sound line route, and the sound pressure level distribution based on the geometric acoustics, and aims at a qualitative improvement of the sound space.
sound line route map

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